100% Tourmaline Hair Straightener and Infrared Negative ION that gives 99% straighter results resulting in less frizz. Tourmaline & Infrared Iron plates offer superior heat conductivity that penetrates hair from within for fast, silky straight results.

Smooth, not frizzy: Tourmaline heating plate slide over hair with ease for a polished look, silky results.

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- Revolutionary far-infrared function

-Cable length 2,5m - 720°

- Dual Voltage

- Floating Plate

- Ceramic Plate

- Tourmaline Heating Plate

- 1 hour automatic shut-off

- Product Weight 0.4 kg

- Digital Display 90° - 230°

- The temperature range is with memory function

- Heats Evenly


1. Insert the plug into the socket, the display shows: "OFF", and blue backlight flashes.

2. Press the "ON/OFF" button for two seconds, the white backlight of the display screen will light up. the default display is "180°C" when the temperature is reached the set temperature, the blue backlight lights up. The temperature display range is from 60°C (lowest) to 230°C (highest).

3. Press "+" or "-" to adjust the temperature value to suit your hair type.

4. When the backlight turns on blue, it indicates that the temperature has reached the set temperature.

5. After finishing the styling, please press the "ON/OFF" button to turn off the hair straightener, then unplug the hair straightener and wait for it to cool down before storing.

6. This hair straightener has 60-minute (default) timer shutdown function. You can also set the time between 5 minutes and 120 minutes. Just turn on the hair straightener, and then click the "on/off" button twice at intervals, after the word "min" appears in the upper left corner of the display, then press "+"  or "-" to adjust the time you need to shut down the machine. After adjusting the time, if you do not operate any key for about 3 seconds, "min" disappears and the display automatically returns to the heating display state.


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Straightening Your Hair

1. Place the selected hair strands between the straightening plates, and then clamp the handles together with a suitable force (when straightening the hair, keep the strength changeable from heavy to light according to the hair more to less, to avoid the hair knotting when at the end of the hair).

2. Slide the hair straightener from the root to the end of the hair at a constant speed, and slide down along with the hair length. Do not stop when straightening to prevent overheating in one place.

Straight & Smooth

1. Start at the base of your neck, separate a two inch section of hair, gently place hair between the smoothing plates and clamp the device down firmly on the hair, make sure that you start from the base and end at the top of the head to get evenly straightened hair.

2. Leave the device on the hair for about five to eight seconds for thin to average hair and ten to fifteen seconds for thick hair.

3. Once the device is heated, carefully slide it along the separated section making sure that the whole length of hair has had contact with the hot plates.

4. For best results, hold the tips of the hair while smoothing the hair section.

5. To remove the hair from the device, simply release the clamp and allow the hair to gently slip off the hot plates.

6. Allow hair to cool down before combing or brushing. Repeat steps until ideal look is achieved.

Curly & Bouncy

1. Start where you want the curl to begin and clamp hair between the plates.

2. Twist hair around the device while slowly pulling it down at the same time.

3. Repeat steps until ideal look is achieved.

4. Allow the hair to cool down and run fingers through the curls to separate or losen it up (optional).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I am so pleased with these, Andreea who demonstrated on my hair and my daughters was absolutely fantastic.
She did such a great job with our hair and is such a lovely person.
Thank you so much Andreea

Shelley O’Neill
Love love love these!

No pulling or snagging! Smooth shiney hair. Great for curling as the plates move. Is able to straighten larger sections of hair as well. Had a demo in the bull ring and purchased. The most expensive set I own compared to GHD and cloud nines. Very pretty design and lead nice and long for reach