AMORY's Story

Amory London was created as a result of the lack of individual attention to their clients. While working in salons, our founders had the opportunity to work with people of all walks of life, and through detailed conversation, they would learn about their customers' needs. But one thing they all had in common was the lack of individuality in their styling tools.

Our founders felt that there were so many stylists, who actually are able to create different looks depending on what their client's hair feels like and what their style goals are. But unfortunately, there weren't enough styling tools to match each client's individual needs. Once they established Amory London, they now have the chance to interact with stylists around the world and bring them the best styling tools that are available on the market.

This is how Amory London was born. A company that promotes combination of modern technology and renowned beauty brands to create stylish styling tools.

Styling tools inspired by the sophistication and beauty of every woman.

AMORY LONDON is all about confidence...The Glitz, The Glamour, The Style.

It's hard to describe but you can see it in every woman and everywhere you go.

Our styling tools are designed to give you the confidence to create the show-stopping looks you want while remaining gorgeous, trendy, and simple to use at home or on the road.

We've spent a lot of time researching, developing, and testing our styling tools to make sure they fulfil our insatiable quest for quality, performance, and dependability.


AMORY LONDON was founded with the mission of spending resources in the development of products that would cause the least amount of damage to all types of hair. As a consequence, our products are gentle on hair, keeping it nourished and healthy.

Our curlers are carefully designed to create beautiful and natural 3 second curls. Infrared technology, unlike other straighteners that utilise direct heat on the hair, warms the hair from the inside out, preventing damage. Our goal is to cause the least amount of hair damage possible. We are passionate about creating a product that is accessible to all clients as designers, researchers, and individuals who believe in excellent quality. We are quite proud of the outstanding outcomes that our hair care line achieves.

The founders discovered over time that most of these high-end products were more focused on marketing than distributing their expenses across the actual technology and materials used, leaving consumers ignorant of the significant harm being done to their hair over time.


As we all know, no heat is beneficial for the hair, but our organic components have been scientifically shown to be excellent in locking natural moisturiser in your hair, giving you salon-like results with no harm.

AMORY® LONDON provides 4 main types of organic materials:

* Titanium ( mineral materials such as ilmenite, leucoxene, and rutile )
* 100% Ceramic ( material composed of clay)
* Tourmaline (silicate, precious stone )
* Infrared ( infrared lighting )

Negative ions are created by these components, which assist to offset and neutralise the negative ions produced when you are using heat on your hair.

This procedure seals your hair cuticle, holding in your natural moistures, leaving your hair healthier, shinier, and smoother than other metal components normally utilised in these products.

All of the products, however, involve heat, which damages the hair. Because of the mix of specific materials and unique heat technology levels generally used on these sorts of equipment, our products are professionally created with infrared technology heat rather than standard dry heat, minimising damage and encouraging healthier hair.

The dual floating plates technology in all of our straighteners helps to maintain a uniform temperature while making it simpler to create curls and flip out styles without straining or pulling your hair.


Designed with professional details, AMORY is dedicated about intelligent design and constant innovation in the goal of effortless styling.


Each product is made to offer you amazing results in less time while avoiding damage to your hair. Our creative team is obsessed with small things that add up to large results, such as doing your hair in half the time, producing gorgeous long-lasting styles with fantastic shine, and keeping your hair healthier than you thought possible while using hot tools, to name a few.

All of this is done to make hair styling for our community a stress-free, dependable, and dare we say, even enjoyable experience.

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